Thursday, February 9, 2017

The End To Suffering Is In-sight

A friend of mine said to me the other day, "the end to suffering is in sight", and I asked him to clarify what he meant.  He told me that the end of suffering was coming in the future and that he knew it was coming.  I then asked how he knew?  I was told that he was not quite sure but he had a very strong sense within him that something was changing in the world and that he could feel a new beginning coming.

So of course, me being a counselor, I had to dig deeper because the original statement had more than one meaning, and I wanted him to fully understand it.  I asked if he could explain the feeling to me so I could better understand exactly how he 'knows' that the end of suffering is in sight.  He told me that he had a strong feeling during a meditation session that made him believe fully that there was an end to all of the suffering in the world.

I replied with an 'ah, so you found the answer within'.  He agreed that was the only place the answer could have come from at that time because he was sitting quietly with no outside distractions.  I asked him who came up with the answer and the original statement; he replied that he did because it could have come from nowhere else.

I explained to him that if he found the answer within then he must be very insightful.  It took a couple of minutes for the realization of this statement to hit home.  Once I saw this answer was realized by my friend, I explained that he had found something very profound within himself, and he had not quite connected the dots yet.

That is where much of my collected insight comes from, I have learned to ask the right questions while helping clients and friends critically think their way through their own thought processes.  He had discovered that 'The End Of Suffering Is Insight'.  This is already well known in much of the philosophical world, but he had discovered it for himself, which tells us there are more answers within than we truly know.

Do you want to end your suffering?  I know I do, and I get closer each day.  The more I look within, the more I remind myself that we cause all of our own suffering, and therefore we must look within ourselves to find the answers we seek.  Yes, outside forces can cause pain and discontent, but the suffering is something we create for ourselves, and our ego loves to blame everything outside of our being so that we cannot see the true answers, that we cause it for ourselves.

End your suffering through self-reflection and insight, it is the only way.  Nobody else can do it for you!  

If you are looking for strategies and tools to help you look within yourself, don't hesitate to message me.  I created New Age Learning Solutions to teach people how to get to know themselves better, and how to build upon your inner strengths, rather than trying to put 'bandaids' on your symptoms.  Want to know what is causing your unhappiness and anxiety?  The answers are within you and you just may need some help to find them.

Once your 'true self' or 'spirit' has suffered enough, it will start screaming to be released.  Learn how to answer yourself and become who you truly are.  "The End To Suffering Is Insight", so take a good look within yourself, and if you find anything but peace, dig deeper!  Keep looking until you find the answers you seek!

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